Our Products and Services


We are holistic practitioners who are dedicated to helping you get your balance back. We offer therapeutic grade essential oil products to provide relieve from common ailments with none of the side effects of chemical and biological preparations. We also offer hypnotherapy and energy healing  to help you “Get Your Balance Back” with no side effects.



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Our Unique Approach to Health

At Quantum Energy Health, we believe that balance and health are attainable through a Holistic approach. We won’t tell you to undergo harsh changes in your lifestyle or beliefs. Our approach is step by step incremental improvements leading to a balanced lifestyle. We partner with you on your journey to balance.



Our Unique Solutions for YOU

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what you believe about your state of health. Our solutions are unique to you, with no side effects, only sustained improvements. Best of all, we use energy therapies, hypnosis, and Essential Oils to support your health on your journey to balance and well being.



Always Quality Over Quantity

We believe in honoring our commitments to you. We prefer to limit our clients so we may serve each on with our best methods and abilities. We always seek to exceed expectations and we value you and we treat each clients as the most important person that we serve. Take a look at what some of our satisfied clients have to say.