Welcome to the Aroma Barn

The Aroma Barn is Home of Dave and Debbie Mahen’s
matherapy business, where we make our
own Scents-Ability brand products and distribute products from Natural Options Aromatherapy.
As Certified Professional Aromatherapists, we strive to
provide the highest quality i
n products and service.


Relief without side effects, Is it even possible?

Get relief fast from colds, flu, aches, pains, and more when you use our
effective, non habit-forming Essential Oil products.

Our Aroma Barn is open! We have a great variety of great Essential Oil Products 
that provide relief from many ailments. 

Our products are waiting for you here for you, ready to be picked up or shipped to you.  Colds,
Flu, Headaches or Muscle aches, we have helpful oils and creams for these and other conditions. 


Sometimes, standard products are not what is needed. In order to serve your specific
needs, We offer Aromatherapy consultations and custom blending. by appointment.
Click Here to email David at david.davidmahen.com for yours. 

Below is our Aroma Barn where we make, label, package and sell our products.
You can also make an appointment to visit the Aroma Barn to look at the products.
All visitors are welcome, please call ahead to make sure were open.

Be sure to check out our Healing Creams and our Roll On Products.