Holistic Health Evaluations

Imagine being able to absolutely know how healthy you are. I don’t mean “how you feel” about yourself, your aches, pains, and irregularities, no! I mean the true state of your health. Did you know that your body already knows all about your health? It does.

The body is intelligent. My example is this: You get hungry and eat a sandwich. Then, you aren’t hungry. Behind the scenes (behind your consciousness) your body initiates the process of digestion and utilization of nutrients to produce the energy to keep you alive. And of course, to satisfy your craving for food. Your body take care of all of this without conscious thought or control, aside from the craving and eating part. Your body knows. There are many great books on how to talk to your body. One is on Amazon and is relatively inexpensive. The title is The Art of Self Muscle Testing: For Health, Life, and Enlightenment.

You can learn at home or you can learn is a class. I was taught Muscle Testing in a class called “The Art and Science of Muscle Testing” taught by Dr. Jerome Weber. The class showed several ways to test with others and self test. The detail of the class went into how to structure the questions, how to determine polarity, and how to determine if the subconscious was supplying opposing answers.

I recommend learning this technique for anyone who wished to take control of their health. Imagine being able to know which foods are “safe” for your body and which are not.

Can you learn from reading a book? Some people do learn from self study and some do not. IF you are one of those who needs personal or classroom instruction, I am here to help. Contact my through our “Contact Us” page on this web-site for the details.




You already know I’m a Certified Aromatherapist. I’ve been talking about the benefits of Essential Oils for a number of years.

You may not know that I’ve been migrating my web-site over the last few months. While it isn’t quite done yet, you’ll find the site is a bit more responsive than the previous one.

You may not know that I have been steadily adding to both my product line and my inventory of essential oils products. I have Creams, Roll-Ons, Inhalers, Diffuser Blends, Room Sprays, and more.

Currently, my products are on display at the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center, 10501 Success Ln, Dayton, OH 45458 as seen here: I also serve my valued clients here in my office, on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I make my products in my “Aroma Barn” at my home shown here: You can come here by appointment, as I am in and out and the barn is always locked when I am not there.

Keep my in mind for all your Essential OIl needs. An remember, as an Aromatherapist, I am happy to custom blend products for you.


In case you missed it


Our Ethereal Crystals workshop commenced, yesterday, at the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center. 

We learned all about how to use the energy of crystals without having to have the physical crystal in our possession. 

As part of the class students practiced their new healing skills with Ethereal Crystals and were successful. 

Additional courses in Ethereal Crystals will be offered later this year, after mid-July.

Time is running out

The Ethereal Crystal Workshop is happening one week from today, on Saturday, April 29th, at the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center. Tickets will only be available until Tuesday, April 18th when ticket sales are suspended.  If you plan on attending, it’s time to get your ticket now.


Tickets are available on Event-Brite at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ethereal-crystals-1-2-3-tickets-33322569703

Join us for the Ethereal Crystals 1-2-3 workshop and be attuned to the energy of 21 crystals. The price for the workshop and attunement is just $80.


You will Receive:

  • Crystal 1-2-3 Attunement
  • Complete Workbook
  • Certificate
  • A Clear Quartz Crystal


Green Growth on Vinyl Siding

Last year I tried a product to remove the green growing on the north-side siding of my house. I uncovered a product called Wet and Forget.
As it happens, it is a product of low toxicity to us humans and ideal for extremely large surfaces, like houses.

I prefer to remove mold from within my home with essential oils & baking soda, but this seemed impractical for the outside of the home. I suppose weeks of scrubbing is the best alternative, pressure washing works quickly, but damages the siding.

The chemical solution using Wet and Forget works best for me and it’s non-hazardous according to its Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS.) The amount of active ingredients totals 0.21% and the rest is water. The product is mixed 1 part product with 4 parts water before use. That reduces the effective concentration to 0.052% — and it’s rated as non-harmful.

My research revealed that most vinyl siding contains organic components as fillers. This is especially true in “contractor grade” sidings).
The organic components feed the algae, mold, etc. After 2 applications of Wet and Forget, my siding has been clean of green and black growth with NO PRESSURE WASHING NEEDED.