Five Simple ways to keep colds and flu away

Five Simple ways to keep colds and flu away

  1. They’ve said it for years, frequent hand washing is the best first defense. Washing your hands with soap and water is effective. Be wary of anti-bacterial soaps as many contain chemicals. These chemicals are not dangerous to us because of the tiny amounts, but they do help in the co-creation of super bugs that overcome our natural resistance.
  2. Are others coughing and sneezing? Viruses that cause colds and flu are airborne. If you happen to be in the “blast zone” of someone’s sneeze or couch, you take on those viruses. The best defense is awareness of those around you and to position yourself as best as possible out of the way.
  3. It’s best to avoid preparations with antibiotics whenever possible. Little cuts and scrapes don’t need antibiotic creams. While they help wounds heal quickly, overuse of them leads to resistant strains of some very aggressive microbes.
  4. In the home, be careful not to share towels and drinking glasses.
  5. Flu shots may or may not be helpful. If you’ve had them over the years and don’t get the flu, they’re working for you. However, if you’ve had a bad reaction from them, continue to avoid. The makers of flu vaccines freely admit they take educated guesses when developing the vaccine because they need to manufacture before the virus reveals itself.

    One final cautionary note: Use caution with bleach. The makers of bleach advertise using it to cleanup anything and everything that might contain “germs.” Bleach will damage lungs if you breathe it in. An entertaining TV commercial show a boy “helping” his mother by mopping the bathroom. Mom smiles until she see him using water from the commode to mop with. This is followed by the image of the bleach bottle. There are better, safer products to use to clean and sanitize other than bleach.








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