The Ethereal Crystal Workshop is happening one week from today, on Saturday, April 29th, at the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Center. Tickets will only be available until Tuesday, April 18th when ticket sales are suspended.  If you plan on attending, it’s time to get your ticket now.


Tickets are available on Event-Brite at:

Join us for the Ethereal Crystals 1-2-3 workshop and be attuned to the energy of 21 crystals. The price for the workshop and attunement is just $80.


You will Receive:

  • Crystal 1-2-3 Attunement
  • Complete Workbook
  • Certificate
  • A Clear Quartz Crystal


David is an Author, Holistic Practitioner, Body Balance Practitioner, and Instructor living in Southwest Ohio. He has studied Reiki, Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness, EFT, The Emotion Code, Quantum Entrainment, Theta Healing and more. He conducts periodic Teleseminars and Webinars about Natural Healing. He sees clients by appointment at the Southern Ohio Holistic and Wellness Ceter, in his Aromatherapy Barn at his home, and in other locations.

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